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Dracula: Blood Hunt #2

In the deepest, darkest, unholiest night ever known to man or beast, DRACULA, Lord of Vampires, has come to BLOODLINE, daughter of Blade, demanding a sacrifice: a devil's bargain of the soul. A soul in peril? Seek a priest. A deal to escape? A lawyer. And a devil must be met face-to-face. Luckily for Bloodline, there's one man who fulfills all three criteria: none other than DAREDEVIL. But does he - or anyone - stand a chance against a city full of bloodthirsty vampires…and the unending night in which they feed?!


Floor Price: $2.78
Market Cap: $2,668.80
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Release: 19/06/2024
Series: Dracula: Blood Hunt
Licensor: Marvel