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W.H.A.D.A.L.O.T.T.A.J.A.R.G.O.N. #1

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This April, celebrate Earth Day with a very special Junior Woodchucks comic story by Don Rosa! Discover how Huey, Dewey, and Louie originally joined the most famous scouting organization dedicated to environmental and historical preservation in Duckburg! At the annual jamboree of the Junior Woodchucks of the world, the ducklings discover they are the great-great-grandchildren of the original founder of the organization, so they are accepted immediately as members. Now they must face their first mission and find the remains of the Fort Duckburg! Follow Donald and his nephews in this incredible adventure and join the Junior Woodchucks if you want to know what the acronym title of the comic stands for! COMMON — Main Cover UNCOMMON — Lives Variant RARE — Task Variant ULTRA RARE — Lost Variant SECRET RARE — Charts Variant Ⓒ Disney


Floor Price: $1.75
Market Cap: $3,937.50
In Circulation: 1,286
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Release: 05/04/2023
Series: Mickey and Friends
Licensor: Disney