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Uncanny X-Men #266

The first appearance of Gambit! After attempting to steal some precious paintings, a young Storm falls into the Shadow King’s trap. A mysterious and charismatic mutant thief comes to her aid while pulling the same heist. But who is this new mutant on the scene? And will Storm be able to trust him in their escape? This release features VeVe-Exclusive Rare & Ultra Rare covers by Will Sliney. 5 x Cover Variants - Classic Cover: Common - Vintage Variant: Uncommon - Hero Variant: Rare - Vibranium Variant: Ultra Rare - True Believer Variant: Secret Rare © 2022 MARVEL


Floor Price: $1.97
Market Cap: $23,640.00
Listings: 43 (0.36%)
In Circulation: 12,000
Editions Burnt: 0 (0%)
Release: 28/07/2022
Series: Uncanny X-Men
Licensor: Marvel
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