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X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023 #1

Secret Rare
VeVe Market
The resurrection of Kamala Khan and the revelation that she is a mutant! THE FALL OF X BEGINS HERE! The Hellfire Gala is always the biggest event of the season…but this year's will change everything for Krakoa. What is meant to be mutantkind's biggest night becomes their biggest nightmare as the Fall of X begins! All your favorite X-Men are going to be left reeling after this one - shocking revelations, stunning betrayals, horrifying tragedy, impossible deaths…and of course the most glamorous looks of the year, all in one CANNOT-MISS package! 5 x Cover Variants - Classic Cover: Common - Vintage Variant: Uncommon - Hero Variant: Rare - Vibranium Variant: Ultra Rare - True Believer Variant: Secret Rare © 2023 MARVEL


Floor Price: $500.00
Market Cap: $75,000.00
In Circulation: 54
Editions Burnt: 96 (64%)
Release: 28/12/2023
Series: X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023
Licensor: Marvel