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Incredible Hulk #180

Ultra Rare
VeVe Market
The First Cameo Appearance of Wolverine! While in Canada, Hulk is lured into an occult ritual conducted by Marie Cartier. Will Marie use Hulk's body as the host for an evil spirit? This release features VeVe-Exclusive Rare & Ultra Rare covers by Alex Saviuk and Rachelle Rosenberg. 5 x Cover Variants - Classic Cover: Common - Vintage Variant: Uncommon - Hero Variant: Rare - Vibranium Variant: Ultra Rare - True Believer Variant: Secret Rare © 2024 MARVEL


Floor Price: $59.99
Market Cap: $14,997.50
In Circulation: 250
Editions Burnt: 0 (0%)
Release: 09/07/2024
Series: Incredible Hulk
Licensor: Marvel