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Wizards of Mickey - The Grand Tournament #1

Wizards of Mickey - The Grand Tournament is a story involving magnificent sorcerers, intimidating dragons, and unforgettable heroes. In this epic comic tale, Mickey Mouse is a wizard's apprentice who loses a powerful talisman crystal he was assigned to protect. The only way to win it back is by competing in the Great Wizard's Tournament with Donald Duck and Goofy by his side. Join them on their wonderful, wizarding adventure! COMMON — Main Cover UNCOMMON — Dragon Cover RARE — Seal Cover ULTRA RARE — Moonlight Cover SECRET RARE — Wizards Cover Ⓒ Disney


Floor Price: $2.40
Market Cap: $8,640.00
In Circulation: 1,473
Editions Burnt: 0 (0%)
Release: 03/11/2023
Series: Wizards of Mickey
Licensor: Disney