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Obi-Wan (2022) #1

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Fast approaches the ultimate destiny of one of the Jedi’s most renowned masters! As he spends his final days in the remote deserts of Tatooine, Obi-Wan Kenobi takes time to reflect on — and record — key moments of a heroic life long-lived. Writing in old leather-bound journals from his hermit’s hut, Obi-Wan remembers his days as a young Jedi Initiate, his trials as a Padawan, the crucible of Jedi Knighthood and the Clone Wars, and some of the earliest challenges he faced as a true Master of the Force! In this tale, Obi-Wan considers a watershed Youngling adventure he narrowly survived on Coruscant when he was but eight years of age… This is just the beginning of his Jedi journey! Also available now wherever comics are sold! 4 x Cover Variants COMMON - Main Cover: 19,000 UNCOMMON - Variant Cover: 10,000 RARE - Photo Cover Variant: 4,500 SECRET RARE - Concept Art Cover: 1,500 © & TM Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved


Floor Price: $1.45
Market Cap: $14,500.00
In Circulation: 10,000
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Release: 27/05/2022
Series: Star Wars (1977)
Licensor: Star Wars