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Year of the Dragon Medallion

Secret Rare
VeVe Market
This medallion features a striking illustration of a Chinese dragon. The Year of the Dragon is a particularly fortuitous one. Those who are born under this zodiac sign are said to be charismatic, powerful, and naturally lucky. It’s said that their disposition naturally draws them towards leadership, and thus enjoy success, wealth, and prosperity. These are often seen as ideal traits in Chinese culture, with many people favouring the year of the dragon for making important life decisions. In fact, there is often a baby boom amongst Chinese populations during Dragon years, with families hoping that their ‘dragon babies’ will enjoy their innate luck. © 2024 NZ Post. All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission.


Floor Price: $19.99
Market Cap: $13,753.12
In Circulation: 688
Editions Burnt: 0 (0%)
Release: 16/02/2024
Series: 2024 Year of the Dragon
Licensor: NZ Post