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The Ace Suit was designed by Yapool to be Seiji Hokuto. It is made as an imitation of the authentic Ultraman suit and as such, its main weapon is also a Spacium Blade, though Ace's is much larger and is used differently. Seiji Hokuto, a first year student in the same high school as SHINJIRO. After suffering tremendous injuries in a terrible accident, he was turned into a cyborg through a surgery performed by an alien. He uses the “ACE” suit to fight. Drop Date: 25 March 2021 List Price: 59.99 Rarity: Rare Editions: 3,500 Edition Type: First Appearance License: Tsuburaya Brand: Ultraman Anime Series: 1 Available: Globally - outside of Japan and Mainland China ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS ©Eiichi Shimizu,Tomohiro Shimoguchi ©ULTRAMAN PRODUCTION CONSORTIUM


Floor Price: $60.00
Market Cap: $210,000.00
In Circulation: 3,500
Editions Burnt: 0 (0%)
Release: 25/03/2021
Series: Ultraman - S1
Licensor: Tsuburaya Productions