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Bayek was a Berber-Egyptian born and raised in Siwa, an oasis in western Egypt near the Libyan border. Bayek and his wife Aya settled in Siwa, where he devoted himself to his duties as the last Medjay while the couple raised their young son Khemu. When Ptolemaic soldiers came to the oasis demanding access to the Temple of Amun, Bayek refused to cooperate. Bayek’s refusal led to the upheaval of his life. His drive for personal vengeance slowly evolved into a drive to see right championed for its own good. Bayek’s Medjay background made him a principled man with a tendency toward idealism, respected and just. Bayek’s empathy led him to care deeply about Egypt and its people. Bayek’s personal ethics and morals, along with those of his wife, Aya, shaped the creation of organization devoted to justice known as the Hidden Ones, which would later evolve into the Brotherhood of Assassins.


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