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I Will Always Believe Your Lies

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VeVe Market
Toby is your shadow. Your mirror. Your best friend in the whole wide world. He can smell your fear. He is addicted to your insecurity. He knows how to push your buttons. He is no Teacher’s Pet. He loves you. He truly loves you. “I am excited to offer this art piece. This will be my first painting created into a digital collectible, and I am proud to do it with Veve. The piece was produced for the original For the Love of Toby exhibition in Los Angeles, where I also introduced the original 16” Toby plush. This painting celebrates the birth of Toby as the Keeper of Our Secrets, who loves everyone unconditionally. No matter how harsh the world can be, how dishonest we are even with ourselves, we will always have Toby's love. The painting introduces a group of his imaginary friends, including YawnYawn & Gurgle.” Bonus: Winner also receives a 1/1 signed physical print and the opportunity to bring up to 3 friends for lunch with Gary & David Yu in or around L.A. during DCon weekend, Nov 2022!


Floor Price: $29,999.00
Market Cap: $29,999.00
In Circulation: 1
Editions Burnt: 0 (0%)
Release: 19/09/2022
Series: For the Love of Toby
Licensor: Gary Baseman