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Laser Gun from Moonraker, 1979

Ultra Rare
VeVe Market
This semi-automatic directed-energy weapon was meticulously engineered for the rigors of space combat. The sleek white iteration initially appears as a prototype undergoing testing in a Brazilian courtyard, wielded by a member of Q's team. As the film reaches its thrilling climax, the formidable laser weapons are brandished by both the US Marines -- with their arsenal comprising handheld variants and those affixed to their spacewalk equipment -- and Drax's relentless guards. JAMES BOND, 007, Bond 60 and all related indicia © 1962-2023 Danjaq and MGM. JAMES BOND, 007, Bond 60 and all related trademarks TM Danjaq. © 2023 Danjaq and MGM.


Floor Price: $19.00
Market Cap: $19,133.00
In Circulation: 587
Editions Burnt: 1 (0.1%)
Release: 05/11/2023
Series: Bond 60th Anniversary - Legacy Series S001
Licensor: James Bond - 007