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Sea Queen

Secret Rare
VeVe Market
Designed in honor of the collaboration between Christian Louboutin and Marvel, the Sea Queen Digital Collectible is a celebration of boldness and innovation. Featuring the strokes of Christian Louboutin's original design, this collector's piece proudly unveils the captivating Sea Queen shoe, a masterpiece that saw the light of day as a unique 1/1 creation, auctioned off at the launch of our collaboration. The Digital Collectible Sea Queen is a limited treasure, exclusively available to those who attended the launch events, serving as a digital token of appreciation for your commitment and participation in this remarkable journey.


Floor Price: $4,500.00
Market Cap: $9,405,000.00
In Circulation: 2,090
Editions Burnt: 0 (0%)
Release: 03/10/2023
Series: Christian Louboutin and Marvel Limited-Edition Digital Collectible
Licensor: Christian Louboutin