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Tyrannosaurus Rex

Jurassic Park’s Tyrannosaurus Rex was the largest living carnivore on Isla Nublar until the building of Jurassic World. She dominates the dinosaur world and was going to be the fan favorite for park visitors. Go back to when dinosaurs rule the earth and witness the iconic battle to rule the kingdom between the Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. a pack of Velociraptors. Switch between the fossilized Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and the living versions. © Universal City Studios LLC and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Floor Price: $14.00
Market Cap: $27,902.00
In Circulation: 439
Editions Burnt: 0 (0%)
Release: 04/11/2023
Series: Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary S2
Licensor: Universal
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