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Sometime before The Great Mushroom War, the Ice King was Simon Petrikov, a young glasses-wearing human who was working to be an antiquarian. One day, he bought a crown and went to show it to his fiancee Betty, whom he dubbed 'Princess'. He put the crown on his head for a laugh, which made him do something so terrible (of which he had no memory) that Betty left him. He then begins to slowly lose his sanity and look more and more like the "Ice King". This is the FIRST APPEARANCE of this character in premium digital format. This series is available in the China region. Adventure Time and all related characters and elements as well as all other Cartoon Network characters and related elements are trademarks of and © Cartoon Network.


Floor Price: $9.99
Market Cap: $32,467.50
In Circulation: 3,250
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Release: 20/10/2020
Series: Adventure Time S1
Licensor: Cartoon Network