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(Choo-pah-kah-brah) Full-grown height / weight: Unknown, but past sightings suggest the size of a small bear Description: He may be fiercely green and have spikes running along his head and back, but he just wants to be your friend! Don’t believe those rumors about him drinking the blood of livestock … but keep him away from farms—and goats, especially goats—just in case! Lifespan: Unknown Diet: Carnivore who prefers goats, deer, rabbits, etc. Population: Unknown Habitat and Range: North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean Copyright © Cryptozoic Entertainment.


Floor Price: $4.00
Market Cap: $36,000.00
In Circulation: 8,999
Editions Burnt: 1 (0.01%)
Release: 06/05/2021
Series: Cryptkins - S1
Licensor: Cryptozoic