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The Rise of Ultraman #1 - Adi Granov

Adi Granov is responsible for one of the most distinctive superhero designs in the modern age, having been the man who designed the eponymous suit for the 2008 Marvel Cinematic Universe entry, Iron Man. When he’s not helping to usher in multibillion-dollar movie franchises, he lends his talents to astonishing comic series… like this one, with a scene of terrible destruction—the flooded ruins of a city devastated by the dreaded Alien Baltan. Hues of dark blues and greys threaten the end of everything, but front and center, Ultraman, resplendent in silver and red, strikes at the Space Ninja to return light and hope to the world. This time-released collectible will be available for a limited time. Ultraman ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS


Floor Price: $13.99
Market Cap: $67,152.00
In Circulation: 4,800
Editions Burnt: 0 (0%)
Release: 29/04/2021
Series: The Rise of Ultraman - S1
Licensor: Tsuburaya Productions