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MARBLE LORD - Tristan Eaton

Tristan Eaton’s sculptural self portrait ‘VICELORD’ is entering the metaverse as a suite of NFTs. Originally a large 5 foot tall physical sculpture, this is the first and only release into the digital space. This iteration is further evolving Eaton’s collage style of painting into 3D. Inspired by Japanese kaiju and Japanese robot toys, Eaton describes VICELORD as ‘the patron saint of self destruction’ and embodies the notion that we are often our own worst enemies rolled into one.


Floor Price: $18.00
Market Cap: $9,990.00
In Circulation: 554
Editions Burnt: 1 (0.18%)
Release: 20/11/2022
Series: Tristan Eaton - VICELORD S1
Licensor: Tristan Eaton