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Beginning with the original feature film in 2013, and continuing through 2019 and beyond with a sequel, shorts and additional storytelling, Frozen has become a global cultural phenomenon. Created by Walt Disney Animation Studios, Frozen is an original story told across two feature films, featuring an epic journey of discovery about two sisters who must confront mysterious forces of nature, uncover the truth about their powers and their past, and overcome challenges that test the bonds of family — while searching for their true calling. Stepping into her role as the Snow Queen at the end of Frozen 2, Elsa is powerful, intuitive, confident, and now in complete control of her powers. She connects the spirits of nature to one another, and acts as a bridge between her family, her kingdom, and the natural world around Arendelle. Eligible customers in select markets will receive a 3-month subscription to Disney+ courtesy of VeVe, who will be notified by email. © Disney


Floor Price: $60.99
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Release: 08/11/2021
Series: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Licensor: Disney