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Single 6d 'Kiwi' gummed stamp

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Kiwi (Apterygidae) are endemic to New Zealands. They have probably been here for 70 million years and, because they are unique to this country and a highly distinctive family, they have become a national symbol. Like the extinct moa, the kiwi is unable to fly and has no keel on the sternum (breast bone). The birds stand about 31cm tall, and use their long, sensitive bills to find their food - worms, grubs and ground insects, and fallen fruit. © 2023 NZ Post. All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission.


Floor Price: $1.75
Market Cap: $3,321.50
In Circulation: 1,057
Editions Burnt: 0 (0%)
Release: 02/12/2023
Series: New Zealand 1898 Pictorials - Series 2
Licensor: NZ Post
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