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Mama Imelda

Ultra Rare
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Imelda Rivera was left alone to raise her daughter Coco when her musician husband Hector went off to tour with his friend, Ernesto de la Cruz. Imelda knew that when there's no one left in the living world who remembers you, you disappear from the Land of the Dead. So, to spite Hector, she tore his head from the family portrait, leaving him forever anonymous. Mama Imelda is Miguel's great-great-grandmother. She blamed Hector's disappearance on music, so she banned it for all future generations of the Rivera family. Miguel travels to the Land of the Dead to meet Imelda and learn the story of her late husband, Hector. © Disney/Pixar


Floor Price: $42.42
Market Cap: $43,141.14
In Circulation: 353
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Release: 30/09/2023
Series: Disney Pixar Coco Remember Me Character Series
Licensor: Disney