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OG Devil Bunny - Gold

The OG DEVIL BUNNY is an exceptionally exciting release, as a landmark design 18 years in the making and the toy that essentially started it all! Eaton’s 18 year old sketch, drawn while sitting at a Brooklyn diner in the early stages of his career, inspired his series of art toys, which in turn inspired a generation of artists and designers. The sketch sparked a movement, but was never given the treatment it deserved. This iconic toy represents a long-term vision coming to fruition, honoring all the progress made in the industry along the way.


Floor Price: $15.94
Market Cap: $42,496.04
In Circulation: 2,666
Editions Burnt: 0 (0%)
Release: 13/11/2021
Series: Tristan Eaton
Licensor: DesignerCon