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Single 3d 'Huia' gummed stamp

Ultra Rare
VeVe Market
Huia (Heteralocha acutirostris) became extinct in 1907 because of hunting, clearing of their forest habitat and over-zealous specimen collecting for museums. The huia was noted for its green-black plumage, its rounded orange wattles and white-tipped tail. The female had a long, slender curving bill which made it easily distinguishable from the male, which had a much shorter but more powerful beak. Almost always seen in pairs, they normally bounded along the ground or from branch to branch, flying only when necessary. Huia tail feathers were greatly prized by the Māori as symbols of rank and used as adornment by chiefs. © 2023 NZ Post. All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission.


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In Circulation: 531
Editions Burnt: 367 (40.87%)
Release: 02/12/2023
Series: New Zealand 1898 Pictorials - Series 2
Licensor: NZ Post