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Nedry’s Computer

Ultra Rare
VeVe Market
The Jurassic Park chain of chaotic events are set into motion by Dennis Nedry, an underpaid InGen systems designer that accepts a bribe from rival company Biosyn to smuggle dinosaur embryos off the island due to financial troubles. It all started on his computer and restoring order becomes dependent on Nedry's password, "AH-AH-AHHHHH…YOU DIDN'T SAY THE MAGIC WORD!" © Universal City Studios LLC and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Floor Price: $5.98
Market Cap: $8,330.14
Listings: 23 (1.7%)
In Circulation: 1,349
Editions Burnt: 0 (0%)
Release: 18/08/2023
Series: Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary S1
Licensor: Universal
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