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Mr. Incredible

Bob Parr cherishes his days as Mr. Incredible—a popular Super with mega-strength and the power to single handedly take out the bad guys. Ever since Supers were outlawed, Bob’s been mostly lying low, raising the family alongside his wife Helen. But when she’s called on to stretch her Super skills and hopefully change the public perception of Supers for the better, Bob must manage the household on his own, which calls for a completely different set of superpowers. In this animated digital collectible, Mr. Incredible shows off his strength as he catches, then tosses, a giant piece of concrete off of his back. © Disney/Pixar


Floor Price: $9.99
MARKET CAP: $20,019.96
Listings: 28 (1.4%)
In Circulation: 2,004
Editions Burnt: 0 (0%)
Release: 16/07/2023
Series: The Incredibles Supers Character Series 1
Licensor: Disney
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