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Single 1d 'Lake Taupo' gummed stamp

Taupo is the name of the largest lake in New Zealand, and of the town in Tapuaeharuru Bay at its north-eastern corner. The lake covers 606 square km, and is 357 metres above sea level in the central North Island. The lake is well known for its boating and rainbow trout fishing. Mount Ruapehu (2,797 metres) is illustrated in the background of the design; the tree to the left is a cabbage palm (tī kōuka) - named by early European settlers who ate the head of the plant in place of cabbage. This was New Zealand's first two-coloured stamp.


Floor Price: $2.00
Market Cap: $5,796.00
In Circulation: 2,897
Editions Burnt: 1 (0.03%)
Release: 10/06/2023
Series: New Zealand 1898 Pictorials - Series 1
Licensor: NZ Post