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Mickey Sorcerer's Hat

Mickey Mouse donned this magical and all-powerful hat for his iconic role as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in the landmark 1940 Disney animated masterpiece, “Fantasia.” Not only did he cast a spell on moviegoers but he also soared to new heights in his career as he commanded the cosmic energy of the universe and unleashed an army of brooms to do his bidding. But Mickey soon discovered that wearing the hat didn’t make him the master of the magic, and that even the best laid plans of mice can go astray. As his broom-mates efficiently and relentlessly followed Mickey’s orders to fetch pails of water, our sorcerer-in-training dozed off and had celestial dreams of controlling the universe. Waking up to find himself up to his ears in troubled waters, Mickey got a reprimand from the Sorcerer, and returned the hat to its rightful master. Eligible customers in select markets will receive a 3-month subscription to Disney+ courtesy of VeVe, who will be notified by email. © Disney


Floor Price: $95.00
Market Cap: $601,635.00
In Circulation: 6,333
Editions Burnt: 0 (0%)
Release: 08/11/2021
Series: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Licensor: Disney
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