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Robotic (2021)

Ultra Rare
VeVe Market
Robotic depicts a green robot about to emerge from a wooden crate. Robots are imitation humans, mechanical men, comical in their rigidity and mechanical gait – a bit like human men in that regard. A robot is an excellent vehicle for reverspective because it has already been designed in a simple rectilinear way. The wooden crate is also a good subject for reverspective art, in that its linear perspective and shading and shadows make it stick out in space in a convincing way. The robot in his crate is seen on a grassy knoll with his crate lid lying before him, ready for some robotic action.


Floor Price: $42.00
Market Cap: $25,200.00
In Circulation: 600
Editions Burnt: 0 (0%)
Release: 30/04/2023
Series: Patrick Hughes - Series 2
Licensor: Patrick Hughes