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SpaceFace (2019)

Artist Proof
VeVe Market
“If I fell face-down in some soft mud and someone pulled me out, and there was some low light falling on the impression I had made in the mud, it would look like me, with my nose sticking out even though it had plunged into the mud. (This is a natural phenomenon, unlike artificial perspective, and my own reverspective). In SpaceFace, this inside-out painted sculpture of my head, I have painted the hollow face as if it sticks out – and my face seems to follow you around the room.” - Patrick Hughes Bonus: Purchaser of the 1/1 NFT will also receive the physical artwork. It is made of fibreglass and oil paint, and it is a hollow-face illusion


Floor Price: $9,000.00
Market Cap: $9,000.00
In Circulation: 1
Editions Burnt: 0 (0%)
Release: 08/05/2023
Series: SpaceFace (2019)
Licensor: Patrick Hughes